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Hatha Yoga literally means “union through discipline of force”. A Hatha class typically involves a set of asanas (physical postures) and breathing techniques, with more static posture holds than a Vinyasa flow class for example.
In my weekly classes, I offer a holistic hatha flow Yoga practice, balancing strength and flexibility, effort and surrendering. The sessions include gentle warm ups, breath kriyas, dynamic, energizing and uplifting asanas, as well as longer held releasing poses, pranayama (breathing) practice and relaxation.
This weekly Hatha Yoga class in Cornwall is suitable for all levels.


Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with passive floor based postures, that are held for sustained periods of time. Yin yoga targets the yin tissues, also known as the connective tissues, our tendons, ligaments and fascia. 

Different poses stimulate and remove blockages in the myofascial meridians in the body, which helps balancing the body’s internal organs and systems.

Yin Yoga also gives us the time to allow space for any emotions and thoughts to arise, it creates space for more softness, feelings of calm and a deeper sense of balance, leading to peace and surrender. My Yin Yoga classes in Cornwall are suitable for all levels.

restorative yoga in cornwall


Restorative yoga is all about slowing down and opening our body through passive stretching, aligning the physical, mental and emotional by practising stillness or gentle movement. It involves a sequence of long held effortless postures, that allow us to completely relax, rest and replenish. These restorative poses supported by props, typically include light twists, gentle back bends and seated forward folds, which calm our overstimulated mind and reset our entire organism. Through the centering of our breath and body, we step away from our busy world and go inward, allowing space for renewal and rejuvenation. Restorative Yoga in Cornwall is suitable for all levels.

neurogenic yoga in cornwall


A combination of Yoga therapy and TRE® to release physical and emotional stress as well as deeply held tension. I will guide you through a mixture of key postures, breath work and self-induced, instinctive, therapeutic tremors and we will finish the session with a deep relaxation.

TRE® is a powerful self-healing tool, which helps us release deep muscular patterns of tension, stress and trauma, by safely activating an instinctive reflex mechanism of vibrating or shaking. These neurogenic tremors calm down the nervous system and enable the organism to return to a state of balance. Read more about TRE® here.


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Tuesdays, 6.30-8pm – Holistic Hatha Yoga

Mount Pleasant Ecological park in Porthtowan.
£8 drop in . All levels welcome.

New venue tbc- Yoga therapy and TRE®                       

A weekly 90 minute session to release physical and emotional stress as well as deeply held tension. I will guide you through a mixture of key postures, breath work and self-induced, instinctive, therapeutic tremors and we will finish the session with a deep relaxation.  
£10 per session. No prior experience is necessary and all levels are welcome. Because of the therapeutic nature of this class, I can only accommodate a small group and booking is absolutelty essential. Please contact Julie if you have any questions about this practice or to book your space.


One to one Yoga sessions available in Perranporth or if it is more convenient, Julie may be able to travel to your home, with an additional charge to cover travel expenses. £45 for the initial session of 90 minutes and £35 for follow up sessions of 60 minutes. Please contact Julie for availability and for more information.

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I have been enjoying Julie’s yoga class for about 3 years. I absolutely love it and it’s my favourite day of the week! I enjoy everything about it. Julie’s experience, knowledge and passion is obvious and her practice reflects this. Which makes it so enjoyable for all abilities too. Her energy is ace! Her spark is clear to see which produces a enjoyable, amusing and cheerful 90 minute class. I adore the practice Julie facilitates. Namasté.
Claire, Sales
Julie is by far the best yoga teacher I’ve been to in over 12 years of classes. She always brings something new to the class and draws upon elements of yoga which are often glossed over. She’s attentive to individuals needs and abilities with a warmth and sensitivity about her which makes students of all abilities feel welcome. Her 3 hour fundraising workshops are not to be missed!
Daisy P, Yoga teacher
I absolutely love Julie’s yoga classes! You always make everyone feel so welcome and the atmosphere is so friendly and fun. I can’t wait for your next fund raising yoga workshop. X
Tamzyn M, Primary school teacher
Julie is a very approachable and experienced teacher and her classes always leave me feeling balanced and energized.  As well as guiding you through a fun and safe Asana practise, she also incorporates various healing and release techniques like Pranayama, Kriyas, visualisations and short Meditations. Overall a very inspiring and relaxing experience.
Alice R, Yoga teacher
Julie is a mindful and attentive teacher, as well as being skilled practitioner. She puts a lots care and thought into each of the practices she shares which makes attending her classes both inspiring and satisfying. As someone who is fairly new to yoga Julie has really helped build my confidence in what my body as capable of doing!
Anya B, Event organizer
Julie is a dedicated kind and a very fun yoga practitioner, bringing a wholeness to her practice and anyone who comes near her… I highly recommend her to anyone, wether you be a beginner or a master yogi.
Katie H, Yoga teacher
Julie is a really supportive, intelligent, compassionate and knowledgeable yoga teacher. I have always got so much from her classes. Definitely recommend her.
Miranda H, Dancer and musician
I would whole-heartedly recommend Julie’s classes – whether you’re looking for an invigorating workout, a mind-calming wind down or to learn ways of coping with stress and anxiety. Fantastic- I always leave feeling great! Thanks Julie!
Fiona W, Teacher