Yoga & neurogenic tremors

Yoga & neurogenic tremors 

Release, relax & reintegrate – Sunday 22nd of March at Lime House Yoga studio near Perranporth.

This 3 hour practice, which combines gentle Yoga, Yin and TRE® (Dr. David Berceli’s technique of Trauma Releasing Exercises®), will help you release physical and emotional stress as well as deeply held tension and trauma. Not only you will leave the workshop feeling deeply relaxed, you will also go home with a very powerful self healing tool 😊.

I will guide you through a mixture of key postures, breath work and self-induced, instinctive, therapeutic tremors and we will finish the session with a deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra.

TRE is a powerful self-healing tool, which helps us release deep muscular patterns of tension, stress and trauma, by safely activating an instinctive reflex mechanism of vibrating or shaking. These neurogenic tremors calm down the nervous system and enable the organism to return to a state of balance. The tremors help us rid the body of aches and pains caused by deeply held tension in the muscles and their associated fascia. TRE® naturally reduces stress levels and creates a feeling of well-being and deep relaxation.

These vibrations improve the resiliency of our body because they enable deep relaxation, which naturally reduces stress levels and muscle tension. This natural tremoring can release negative emotions ranging from mild upset to severe anxiety. 

  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stress, tension, anger, worry and anxiety

  • Reduced symptoms of PTSD

  • Reduces aches and pains
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased energy, self-esteem and confidence
  • Improved overall emotional and physical well-being
  • Relief from chronic medical conditions

Feel free to contact me with any question you may have on this workshop: or ☎️ 07929 939 307. All levels welcome. Because of the therapeutic nature of this workshop, I can only offer 12 spaces. So if you would like to attend, please get in touch as booking is essential. Cost £35 pp. You can see videos of TRE® here.

Sunday 22nd of March from 10 to 1pm, at Lime House Yoga studio just outside Perranporth, Mount, Rose, TR4 9PP.pp