Suryalila Yoga Retreat

Suryalila Yoga Retreat

Holistic yoga retreat in Andalusia

I am thrilled to head back to the magical Suryalila next February and hope you can join us for this nurturing, relaxing and transformative 6 day Yoga retreat in the south of Spain, from Sunday 17th to Friday 22nd.

The wonderful Cecilia Wootz and Kate Alpe are joining me so we can treat you with a mix of morning uplifting dynamic practices and evening restorative / Yin sessions and sound baths…. I know… can’t wait….

Suryalila is a beautiful retreat centre in the foothills of Andalusian mountains in southern Spain and the perfect place to unwind, rest & re energise mind, body and soul. The Yoga shalas, the delicious vegetarian/vegan organic food, the accommodation, the sauna, all create the perfect environment and scenery to find stillness and allow the mind and body time to rest and unwind and revitalise your energy on all levels. (

This 6 day and 5 night retreat is suitable for all abilities and levels of experience and limited to 18 spaces to ensure impactful practice and support.
Morning classes will be a 2 hour holistic Yoga practice led by Julie and assisted by Cecilia. A dynamic, energizing and uplifting class, including gentle warm ups, breath kriyas (cleansing), posture work, pranayama, meditation and relaxation.

Evening classes will be slower, more introspective restorative practices, including Yoga Nidra, Yin, silent and guided meditations and pranayama, to allow a deep relaxation of our whole organism and releasing areas of deep rooted tension and resistance. Whilst I guide you into the poses, Kate will bring the ancient healing vibrations into your practice, enabling you to relax into a wonderful alpha brainwave state. Stress and tension will gradually slip away, enabling your mind and body to gently let go, allowing you to sink deeper into a truly gorgeous practice.

Accommodation and Prices (in euros per person) :

  • 4 bed dorm – €459

  • 5 bed dorm – €429

  • Eco casa shared (2 single beds) – €499 or single occupancy €555

  • Twin shared (2 single beds) – €565

  • Ensuite Double – €619 shared pp or €745 single occupancy

  • Alternative accommodation options for upgrade might be available


3 delicious organic meals, daily morning (2hrs) and evening yoga classes (90 min), use of all the Suryalila facilities : Yoga studios, sauna, WiFi, natural salt swimming pool, etc… Unlimited hot drinks and fruit throughout the day

Possible extra sessions:

Daily meditation with Cecilia (free)
Individual Yoga therapy with Julie
Individual or small group TRE sessions with Julie (amazing natural way of releasing tension and trauma held in the body and letting go of deep, chronic patterns),
One to one sound healing sessions with Kate.

If you would like to book a space or ask any questions about this retreat, please get in touch.


The whole experience was wonderful. Their was a great generosity of spirit during the week spent on Suryalial, from the abundance of great food to the sharing among the group and your sharing all your knowledge with us. The yoga classes were challenging and pushed me to  try new asana that normally I’d avoid. Your wonderful sense of humour kept it all upbeat and moving along. I loved the variety, pranayama, chanting, mixture of Yin and vinyasa yoga and mudras. I looked forward to each session  knowing something new was to be shared. The retreat was well planned with great variety and I’m looking forward to your next one….keep me informed!

Colette L, Retired teacher

Thanks for creating an environment where each of us could explore in a way which suited us individually.  I have come away with an enhanced awareness of and respect for my body and what it is telling me. I feel that I have moved on in my yoga journey in that I am now able to better incorporate my physical body into my mind/body/spirit practice.  I’ve realised that until now, I haven’t given it enough attention.  Thank you!   I really enjoyed learning TRE too. Having a technique which will enable healing of the many injuries I’ve sustained is a true gift. I loved the yoga nidra, your spontaneous chanting and the quotes and poems you shared. Finally, thank you for being uniquely you.

Catharine C, Sales