QEC therapy


Short description:

Quantum Energy Coaching, or QEC for short, was created by Dr. Melanie Salmon, a medical doctor, Gestalt Psychotherapist and TRE® practitioner. She combined cardiac coherence and whole brain posture to access the gamma brain waves and install new information into our subconscious mind. This process which mixes focused intention, brain gym, cardiac coherence, neuroplasticity and kinesiology enables us to promote new brain growth and rewire our brain by developing new neural pathways or connections. QEC is a powerful way to resolve negative events, situations and behaviours that may be causing us to function on survival mode and feel distressed, anxious or depressed.

Some benefits of QEC include:

  • self-worth issues
  • addictions
  • health problems
  • mental health challenges
  • recovering from trauma / PTSD
  • phobias
  • anxiety
  • relationships
  • grief and loss
  • negative thinking / thought patterns
  • removing any blockages


In a typical QEC session, we discuss the concerning issues and choose together a few core statements, which will replace deeply rooted negative and limiting beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind. These new positive thought patterns and affirmations are quickly and effortlessly installed in our subconscious mind using the QEC process. Once integrated, the new beliefs permanently replace the old negative thought patterns.


I believe TRE® and QEC are the perfect union. Combining both self-healing tools, enables us to bring body and mind back to our true grounded self. With TRE®, we shake off negative energy states from old traumas and deeply held tensions. First, we release lower vibrational frequencies and bring our nervous system back to its more balanced and original state. Here we replace negative sensations by positive ones. Secondly, it raises our vibrational frequencies by removing negative vibrational thoughts and beliefs from past experiences held in our subconscious mind. We release negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones. Our frequencies change and we start feeling better physically and emotionally.

“The new global definition of trauma is that it is a shocking or stressful experience that occurs in a state of helplessness.” Our traumatic experiences are the source of many common medical conditions, as well we so many of our physical, mental and emotional problems. TRE® and QEC together are a powerful synergy. They change how we experience life on all levels, but also change how we think and therefore what we attract.

Cost of an introductory package with both modalities – £140 for 2x 90min sessions.



QEC therapy

QEC sessions

I am thrilled to be able share QEC with my clients and help them empower themselves in their own healing process. It is fascinating, but also wonderful to see how fast it helps people to let go of old difficulties and traumas. It amazes me how rapidly QEC transforms their lives on many different levels.

Sessions are £80 for 90 minutes or choose a 5 session package for £375.

Please contact Julie for bookings or more information

“QEC uses the understanding of Quantum physics to install new beliefs at the subconscious level using cardiac coherence, gratitude and focused intention”